Life pulls us in many directions. From our notifications in the morning, to our all-day work, and nightly news. If we wanted to, from when we wake up to when we go to bed we can live reactively, simply responding to the stimuli around us and making decisions as they come. I am not here to tell you that there is a problem with this — I am however here to tell you that there is another way to live that will not only improve your life, but also help guide it to where you want. I believe that we create own destiny, and yes — you can luck out and win the ‘lottery’ in certain areas of your life, but what you do with that win is all that matters. So whether you won any ‘lottery’ or not, whether  ask yourself — what do you want to do? Who do you want to be? It’s easy to attribute success to luck, but, in fact, that luck is actually the careful construction of a chosen reality.  So, how do we get to a chosen reality? We live life with intention, with purpose; and the secret is using a tool called manifesting – that is, displaying or showing a quality or feeling through your actions and appearance. In order to successfully manifest, you must first set an intention. Bringing an intention to life requires you to cultivate a greater understanding of how you want to feel and let that inform your actions. For example, if you want to feel love and romance, practice giving yourself the love you desire from others. If you want to feel abundant, cultivate it by paying your bills on time and managing your finances. Consider your answers to the following questions and then visualize your life as if your dream is already your reality. 

  • What do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
  • How do you begin your day?
  • What does your home look and feel like? How does it smell and sound?
  • What does your work environment look and feel like? How does it smell and sound?
  • How does your personal life look and feel?
  • How does the world look or feel different?
  • How does your day end?
  • What do you feel when you go to bed each night? 

What will set you up as a high achiever is your understanding that you create their destiny long before it comes to fruition. For that to happen, try live as if your intention has already become a reality. By mentally dwelling in the place you hope to permanently reside, you hold the power to manifest your dreams into existence. Here are two steps that should help:

  1.  Brainstorm ways that you can alter your everyday routines to live as if your intention is already your reality.
  2. Let go of the ‘how’. Once you determine what you want and the motivation driving your goal – simply let go of how it’s going to come to fruition. If you fixate on only one outcome or path, you may eliminate other opportunities that come your way. 

Although the larger-picture intention-setting helps with you life purpose and goals, there is also what I like to call micro-intention setting. This is a simple way to start manifesting. I personally do this on a daily basis and find it to be truly effective. Start by setting 3-4 daily intentions and saying them aloud in the mirror when you wake up. It might feel weird at the beginning but I promise it’s effective. These intentions can and should change every day, depending on what you need from yourself that day. Start with the words ‘may I be’, think of what you need from yourself that day, complete the sentence, and say it aloud to yourself in the mirror — some of mine include: may I be happy, may I be motivated, may I be disciplined, may I be resilient. Manifesting is a powerful tool and it’s an important one to learn if you want to take control of your life and how you feel. Intention-setting and manifesting works in every area of your life, and it works particularly well when trying to set and achieve your health and wellness goals. So try setting a few intentions, and let me know how that worked for you!